A pregnant lady at a bachelorette party

I went to my good friend’s bachelorette party this weekend. I ended up telling all the ladies present I was pregnant, as I was VERY TIRED. Also, apparently pregnant ladies cannot ride go carts- who knew? I went to bed earlier than everyone and slept in later than everyone. Unfortunately for me, week 5 is when the irritability cranks up. I was glad that was normal, I was feeling CRAZY.. but, I hate feeling that way! I really tried to be “normal” and not drag everyone down into pregnancy exhaustion and crankiness, so hopefully I did well. I had a good time other than that, and enjoyed not having a gnarly hangover! Haha ๐Ÿ™‚ Wednesday is my next beta and I’m anxious to get the results. My breasts are still sore, I have cramping here and there, and my nausea comes and goes, but not as bad. I wonder if I’m getting used to these things? My husband and I decided not to have intercourse for a while because of what happened during our TWW last time, but uh.. that didn’t last. Happily I am not bleeding or in any pain, so I’m pretty excited about that!


Bachelorette party survival kit

Baby C is now the size of a peppercorn! Also, according to my Ovia app;

“Your baby’s neural tube has either completed or is in the process of closing, after which its brain and spinal cord can start to develop.”


5 weeks 1 day pregnant

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