Beta #2, a success!

Beta number 2 was 111, “a nice rise” they say. It’s hard not to compare my betas to others, but I have to remember we are all different, and the fact that I am indeed pregnant. I’m scared something is going to take it away from me. Next beta is next Wednesday the 15th. According to my new Ovia pregnancy app, Baby C is the size of a poppy seed.

Oh! I also found this very comforting and informative-

Beta #1- 64
Beta #2-111

15 thoughts on “Beta #2, a success!

  1. mmkrn says:

    Do you have to go in for a third beta? I know not all docs require a third… If not, when is your ultrasound? Gah I can’t wait to see the babe (well, sac haha) but also so nervous/scared!

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