The words I’ve been waiting for…

I. AM. PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Plante called just before lunch and she sounded so excited. She said the words I’ve been waiting to hear.. I’m pregnant! I was jumping up and down and crying. I can’t believe it! My numbers are at 64, and she says we are off to a good start! I’m going to be taking one less estrogen pill a day but keeping up with all other meds. My next beta is on Wednesday. I just can’t believe it.

I called my mom and said “Hi Meme” and she start screaming, and Adam said “I’m running! I’m just running out of the building!” and we were laughing and so happy. I’m in shock and it feels really surreal.

I’m going to stop by my Pepe’s house after work and hopefully tell my dad later in person.. he called my mom wondering. Ahh!!

10p5dt- and pregnant!

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