Two more days until Beta..

Last night I went out with some of my old co workers in Boston. My friend Jen (from the show the other night) gave me my injection in the bathroom- she was such a pro! I felt nothing. “This feels illegal!” hahaha

It was fun being out, I also saw my old roommate and good friend with his girlfriend which was great. It was a lovely evening! I never really miss Boston until I’m there. I lived there for 7 or 8 years, and while I enjoy where I live now, the nostalgia does kick in when I’m there.

I swear, this has to be it. I am exhausted. My boobs are sore- last night my friend gave me a hug goodbye and I almost yelped because when she squeezed me my boobs hurt so bad. My drive to Boston I nodded off for a second- I was exhausted the whole trip up. Terrifying. I am still nauseous as ever. If it’s not a BFP this is one cruel joke!

Today I’m shooting a wedding as a second shooter and spending the night with my friend Adrianne, as my house will have some dudes over for a bachelor party. I’m out of the wedding at 8:30, I’ll probably get to her place around 9:30. I’m thinking I’m going to have her do my injection instead of attempting at the wedding. She’s already agreed to do it this coming weekend (if I’m pregnant!) when I go to the Cape with her and some ladies for HER bachelorette, so here’s to hoping it’s one of several injections she will be giving me.

Off I go!


p.s.- I haven’t tested again!

4 thoughts on “Two more days until Beta..

  1. mmkrn says:

    I tested the first time because my boobs were SO sore! Like I didn’t even want any fabric (bra, tshirt, etc.) to touch them! The soreness has gone away which freaks me out but my tests are even darker- I think you should test again! But maybe I’m a bad influence haha!

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