Embies are home!

So my transfer happened this morning, it went perfectly! I woke up and showered and got ready, and while doing so I was listening to NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys, as well as other teeny bopper music I used to enjoy in my youth- and let’s be honest, still enjoy now. I was bopping around and singing and dancing- I wanted to have positive happy vibes going in to this!

Dr. Plante was the one to do the transfer, so I was so excited, as so far other doctors at her practice have done my retrievals, testing, and my fresh transfer. I think that’s a good sign! She’s such a sweetheart. She told me the embryos are perfect!

I was able to take a video of my transfer when they showed us the replay. I’m unable to upload it here but here are a few screen caps!


my beautiful embryos ❤

Afterwards I had acupuncture, which I also had last night.

I’ll be going again in 4 days as that is around the time of implantation.

My pregnancy test is June 6th, and I have photography jobs this weekend- minus Monday, and something going on every night this upcoming week, and again with a photography job and an event on Sunday next weekend. I think it’s good I’ll be busy, to keep my mind off of if it’s worked this time, and to avoid testing at home- that drove me crazy last time.


8 thoughts on “Embies are home!

  1. wishingforanangel says:

    Best of luck!!! Our 3rd IVF worked for us, so praying this one is your lucky one also! Stay positive and don’t worry yourself too much. I know it’s easier said than done, but try 😉


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