I can’t escape the pregnancy announcements!

I am ready to go for tomorrow.

I’m having acupuncture this evening. Tomorrow morning is the transfer, and immediately after that I’m having acupuncture again. Rest.

I have a photo shoot Saturday afternoon (I’m a photographer, by the way) and a client meeting right after. Luckily the shoot is boudoir so it’s not physically challenging, and a client meeting is like meeting a friend for coffee. Sunday I’m second shooting a wedding, which is more so physically challening. I’m going to ask the doctor if this is all okay. Unfortunately you can’t really plan IVF timelines even when you try so I didn’t know I’d be having a transfer when I booked all of these things!

Also, I can’t escape baby announcements on Facebook. Seems every day there is another.. a lot of women are even on their second or third children- and all younger than I am! It’s my turn, dammit!

This has to work. THIS HAS TO WORK!

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