You want me to put the pill where?

13235845_556305733843_439114710_nWell hello my old friend, Mr. Ultrasound.

This morning I had my blood work and scans. My endometrium is at 6.3mm, which is not where it needs to be. “Almost there!” as my care team said. So, they’ve upped my Estrace (estrogen pills) to three times a day orally and twice a day vaginally. So you take a pill, put it on your finger and shove it on up there, then strap on some panty liners. IVF does wonders for your sex life, if you haven’t noticed. ;P As my friend Adrianne said, “Your junk has been through way too much.” It will continue to go through things hopefully, like pushing out a baby!

So I have more blood work and scans on Sunday, in the clinic that is an hour away, on my 7th anniversary with Adam. Hopefully that brings us good luck. I’ve been cramping since I had my scans this morning, I don’t know why. So that’s the scoop for now. I for one, am NOT entirely shocked, that more waiting is part of the game at this stage. It wouldn’t be IVF if there wasn’t some waiting, would it?