Day 1, cycle 3 is here.

Shortly after I posted my last entry I started cramping up really bad. Ha! I started my period this morning. I just called my care team and I have ultrasounds and blood work in the morning. The office is an hour away. Ugh! But! I’m just glad we’re on the road again. The nurse said tomorrow afternoon I’ll get instructions to start the estrace. My comfort eating must cease and I need to get back on the healthy wagon. I also took a week off of acupuncture, so I need to start that up again as well.

Last night we went over our friend’s house and met their baby. She was so precious! I held her for a while and just watched our friends interacting with her. It was awesome to see. They seem so happy! We were only there for maybe 3 hoursand the baby fed 4 times! She was a hungry little thing. I told our friends I hoped she passed some good luck baby vibes to me for our next cycle. I woke up feeling hopeful that this next cycle works. Adam and I were both sad, but happy to have met her.

Today I had lunch with an old friend who told me about her pregnancy struggles. While she has a beautiful baby boy who is a little older than one now, she has her own struggles staying pregnant after she is actually pregnant. I had no idea, of course. Hearing her terrible journey was heartbreaking, I can only vaguely imagine how painful it has been for her. Although you don’t like to hear your friends and people you care about having the same or worse struggles with infertility, the solidarity and understanding can bring comfort in a way, as talking to them they know what you’re talking about, and what to say- and not to say.

That’s it for now. LET’S DO THIS.

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