Some relief, and infertility awareness week

So I’ve been on the Celexa a few days now.. I’m starting to feel better. I wonder if maybe I need a higher dosage.. 40mg as opposed to 20mg.. but I’m going to hold off for now and let it settle in first before I make any decisions. Yesterday I stayed home from work- my Metformin was giving me terrible stomach pains and trips to the bathroom, and I had been needing a mental health day for a while. I work with patients during the day and when you’re not feeling good yourself it’s very hard to take care of others. I think it was much needed and helped, this morning I even got up early and made Adam and myself egg sandwiches for breakfast. Yum!

The other day I made a post about infertility awareness on my Facebook page. While some people knew about our struggles, most did not. The outreach I received after making the post has been so touching. I received a few messages from former classmates in college telling me their struggles and eventual triumphs, and one of my former teachers I made friends with when I was in high school reached out and told me she had no idea, wanted to hear my story, and we are meeting up for lunch this weekend. I haven’t seen her since my wedding in 2013! I’m really glad I posted something, because not only am I being supported by so many people, I’m realizing just how many people I know are also affected by infertility… even with the knowledge that 1 in 8 couples are infertile! I was even able to support someone else who is at the “beginning” of their infertility journey.

I’m still on my BCP, my end date is on Sunday. Looking forward to getting closer and closer to my transfer, but of course I’m nervous.

2 thoughts on “Some relief, and infertility awareness week

  1. AKL says:

    You’re great to be so open about it. I don’t really feel so comfortable sharing but I have full respect for you doing so. What’s BCP by the way? Is it good that it’s ending?

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  2. ourfrigginivfjourney says:

    BCP= birth control pill. It’s indeed good that it’s ending!

    I was pretty closed off about it for a long time, but feel like people need to know that it’s a pretty common thing! A lot of the people that reached out to me via message are private about it, so I understand. Everyone has a choice 🙂 That said, only a couple friends have a link to this blog, so I’m not 100% out there with my journey, just that I have one.


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