And the winner is… Celexa!

So I started Celexa this morning. According to my PCP and research, it’s one of the safer anti-depressants to be on during pregnancy. I did see some mention of coming off of it during the third trimester, or switching to Zoloft, but I’ve also read accounts of women remaining on it during their entire pregnancy and into breastfeeding. I’m going to focus on getting pregnant and staying mentally healthy until I worry about a 3rd trimester and breastfeeding 😉

I’m glad to have started the Celexa, and I hope it kicks in soon. My depression has been pretty strong since the failed ET.

In other news, I still have some minor itching on my hips where I was getting the PIO shots, and they are still bruised. I stopped the shots April 14th! Hopefully the new progesterone shots will not have the same reaction, as the itching has been driving me bonkers.

I guess that’s it for now. The waiting continues.

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