Weaning off Paxil, what med next?

I’ve been weaning myself off of Paxil. I take 20mg per day for depression. Both my PCP and my RE told me that staying on would be safer for me- which I agree. I’ve had anxiety and depression for a long time, and though I go to therapy I’m always going to have those things. It’s just a fact, which I’ve accepted.

I’ve been depressed since the failed ET, but since I’ve cut my prescription down to 10mg, I don’t think that’s been helping. I put a call in to my PCP to find a medication that’s safe for pregnancy- both being pregnant and nursing- so we’ll see what’s next. It’s frustrating for me the differing opinions on these medications. I’ve heard Paxil is a class D drug and NOT safe for pregnancy, but then I’ve heard it’s okay to take. The pharmacist I spoke to when ordering my next batch of progesterone told me that Paxil was indeed, not safe, and to find alternative medications.

While it may be okay- if there are alternative options out there that are safe to take during pregnancy- I’m going to do it. I hope whatever I take next agrees with me- trying to figure out your medication is hard enough, never mind while going through IVF.

I’m tired and wish I could take a mental health vacation- alas, that’s now how things work. Another week of birth control!

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