BC Stop date and insurance annoyance

Well, today my insurance approved my FET, and they are counting it as cycle 3. I was approved for 4 cycles of IVF through my insurance in a lifetime, so needless to say I am nervous.

When I met with Dr. Plante, we discussed how my insurance may or may not count things. Some insurance companies count FETs as part of the cycle the embryos were frozen in. Unfortunately for me, mine does not. If this FET, my cycle 3, does not work then for my fourth and final covered cycle, Dr. Plante suggestd doing the whole shebang over again- even though I have 5 frosties in storage. She said it would be more cost effective for us to do another full cycle covered under insurance so we can have even more frosties in storage, as FETs are less expensive than the whole thing. WHEW.

They’re also only covering half of the Estrace dosage I need daily, and not covering the new PIO injectables I’m taking. Luckily I can cover those but I’m a little frustrated. I had an allergic reaction to the sesame oil in the first PIO shots, so this time I’m getting the progesterone compounded in a different way.

Although I’m grateful I get 4 cycles covered, I’m nervous we will start having to pay out of pocket and this process will slowwwww down even more. Each FET is a few thousand dollars. So that’s weighing on me at the moment.

My stop date for my BCP is May 1st, which is next Sunday. Once I stop taking my BCP I will get another period, and with the first day of my period I am to call my care team.

So we’re trucking on! Fingers and toes crossed this “cycle” works!

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