9 weeks

9 weeks today! I have my first OB appointment tomorrow and I’m hoping hoping hoping she gives me another ultrasound. I know I’m being greedy, but you guys know I’m crazy. It’s nice to be comforted. I ordered a baby Doppler online today after some good reviews from a January 2018 moms group I’m apart of. Eep.

Today I’m exhausted (surprise surprise), nauseous, and my lower back has been aching since I got up. I have been feeling pinches here and there in my cervix. I’m trying to avoid the google machine and I’m just hoping baby is going through a growth spurt, as they do between 9-10 weeks- so my pregnancy app tells me.

I was such a cranky bitch yesterday, but today I just feel tired and weak.

I want to go to bed. Luckily tomorrow I have the day off. I only asked for the afternoon but she gave me the whole day. I’ll take it!

Graduation day 

8 weeks 2 days pregnant, baby is measuring perfectly! Heart rate is 156 bpm and strong. My official due date is January 24th. I’m so happy! I don’t know what to do with myself, other than sleep, as I’m exhausted and feel quite sick. 🤢❤️☺️

How life stages change…

One of my favorite bands, Queens of the Stone Age, will be on tour soon. I’m going to get the presale tickets for my area’s show, and I am looking specifically for seats because I will be six months pregnant at that point, and I have never been six months pregnant so I don’t know if standing for many hours rocking out will make me tired or not. Better safe than sorry!

Several years ago, the last time I saw this band with my cousin, I was stoned the whole show smoking weed out of a one hitter and rocking out real hard. This time little one and I will be rocking out together with a bottle of water. Love it! 😛


Yesterday’s wedding was great! But exhausting. All in all the day was about 12 hours when you factor in driving, working, and being a guest after 9 pm. I danced but not with my usual vigor. I was seriously pooped. A member of one of my secret FB groups for IVF moms of my area was there, as a bridesmaid- the bride is actually how we met and how I became part of the group, she introduced us. Anyway, she was bringing me water all day/night and making sure I stayed hydrated, as were several of my friends and my fabulous second shooter. It was so nice! I came home and after taking my crinone injection up my lady parts and going to the bathroom I promptly passed out. I woke up at 9 because I can’t sleep past that anymore and went down a few hours later for a nap. Wedding hangovers (without drink) are REAL for wedding photographers- add in first trimester pregnancy and holy crap.

I’ve been having cramping today like I have this whole pregnancy, so that gave me some comfort that little one is growing. I’m nervous for my ultrasound and hope my symptom watching doesn’t consume me this next week.

Friday night

Pregnancy is telling your husband you’re going to take a little nap on a Friday night at 8:30 and waking up on Saturday. Oops. Catching up on some work and getting ready for today’s wedding! 🙂

Two sacs, one baby!


I was a nervous fucking wreck. I’ve been up since 4 am. The ultrasound went well, for the most part. They looked at the screen while I waited with anticipation- watching their faces. They turned the screen toward me and I saw the thump, thump, thump and burst out crying.

Baby has a strong heartbeat (forgot to ask BPM), measuring at 7 weeks. The yolk? was slightly larger than it should be which can be related to miscarriage but Dr. P was ready to graduate me to an OB and not too worried about it. I opted for one more ultrasound next Friday just to be sure, my appointment with my OB is the 22nd. I’m happy but scared still! Also, there was an additional sack but it was (mostly) empty.


Boss is cool, bad dream.

Yesterday I asked my boss if it would be okay if I left early on slow days. During the summer different doctors are out and patient loads decrease. I’m not taking a vacation this summer in anticipation of saving all my hours for when the baby is here, so I have plenty of time. She said that was totally fine- which is great! I really appreciate this, as afternoons are usually when the exhaustion really kicks in. In lieu of this, I decided to tell my co workers that I’m pregnant, as me taking off without explanation would not look good. They were all very happy for me, and had been wondering if I was as I was “glowing” on Monday. I beg to differ, I thought I looked like shit. Ha! So yesterday I left at almost 2 and went home and slept until 5ish.

Last night I had a terrible dream that I miscarried the baby, the fetus was so tiny and I could make out his/her feet and tiny shape. It was a horrific dream.

Only two more working days until ultrasound! I’m scared but Adam says he knows we will be getting good news.

We’ll see!

Exhaustion, nausea, dizziness, HUNGER!

Well, the exhaustion and nausea have stuck around. At points during the day I am absolutely sure I’m going to vomit, but I don’t. I’m also hungry A LOT. I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep because of how hungry I am.

Saturday I had an engagement session that was about 3 hours round trip of driving, and 2 hours of shooting. I had done some chores early in the day, and twenty minutes before I was supposed to leave I got SO tired. My eyes were fluttering on the way, so I pulled over and took a ten minute cat nap in a Burger King parking lot. After the session- where I felt fine!- I was driving home and after ten minutes I got so nauseous and had a tension headache. I stopped to get a quick bite at Burger King, thinking it would help ( no other options) and could only eat half my chicken sandwich. It tasted SO BAD. The fries were great, though.  I had to pep talk myself the whole way home. I pulled over to rest for 10 minutes and journeyed on. I flung myself into bed and fell asleep almost immediately. I woke up in the middle of the night and downed some water and had a PB sandwich, then went to bed again. I felt so much better in the AM. Holy shnikes!

I’ve been having cramping, too. I’ll be 7 weeks tomorrow.

I wish I could go home and go to bed, I’m so so tired.